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Shirt Lock goes over your shirt, around your waist inside your pants out of sight. Made of a nylon, hook on hook material that grips the nap of your shirt and pants locking them together. Shirt Lock has 10x the tensile strength as velcro and keeps your shirt tails where they belong! SHIRT LOCK is the ultimate alternative to suspenders. Shirt Lock was developed for men and women. Whether it be for business, sports, military and police uniform dress, scouts, school uniform or ROTC; Shirt Lock will keep your shirt tails where they belong- in your pants. Shirt Lock is a great alternative for the shirt stay garters, suspenders belt, men’s suspenders, the rubber belt or shirt stays. Golfing to high jumping or hot pursuit, Shirt Lock keeps you looking neat and professional. Made of a durable nylon hook on hook material that adheres to the fabric and creates a ridge that together with your garment belt keeps your shirt locked in place.

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